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The Hospital Engineering Society of Greater New York



One Liberty Plaza, 165 Broadway, 22th Floor, New York, NY 10006

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David H. Koch Center

1283 York Avenue

NY NY 10065

3rd floor room 301/302

February 13, 2020

Topic:                                      The “Doorway” to Embracing Daily Usage


What is a door? It’s the first thing you enter AND the only way out.


If not functional, patients, families and visitors will never get a chance to experience/obtain the services the hospital has to offer. Once inside our facility people, packages and supplies must be able to travel freely about in the course of their daily routines. In the course of presenting this AIA accredited seminar, we will delve into the topics of project completion and what it truly means to have a door designated as “acceptable.”


WMI will share its approach of the 10 Laws of All Things Door, 36 years in the making.


We will further elaborate on the very real world and cost-effective time proven approach of total cost of ownership.


The seminar will be broken up into 4 segments:

                Review of the current approach

                Ramifications and missed opportunities

                Town hall style discussion to define the totality of the stakeholder group

                Introduction to a proposed plan forward


Your thoughts, experiences and suggestions are most welcome and will make for an assured evening of group learning.



Speaker:                                              Bruce Schmutter, President of WMI


As founder and President of WMI, since 1983 Mr. Schmutter has engaged in all aspects of window and door solutions for the healthcare and other market sectors balancing conflicting priorities of doorway and perimeter safety with security. His focus is to provide reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while increasing life-safety and regulatory compliance performance.


An engineer and entrepreneur with over thirty-six years of facility management, field service and engineering experience, starting his company at the age of 18 in his parent’s garage, Bruce is recognized as a leading innovator in doorway management, with three patents awarded to date. Over the last three decades Bruce has combined CAD, SQL, hardware and software programming, creating an integrated solution to manage and mitigate the conflicting roles of a door they are required to perform, as a barrier and a threshold.


A contemporary pioneer in automated door control systems, Bruce has been granted multiple patents for state-of-the-art technology for door controls including Portal Logics® – the only product of its kind in the market that fulfills this requirement by integrating complex institutional/healthcare doorways. WMI’s current clientele primarily include the market sectors of healthcare and public transportation with additional clients in the commercial and juvenile justice sectors.


With the introduction of WMI’s patented Portal Logics®, the company has successfully addressed complex egress and security issues on doors large and small. Over seven years and more than 200 Portal Logics installations there has not been a single failure in projects ranging from high volume ambulance entrances to airport terminal doors to operating room doors to 20 feet tall railway doors. Bruce has presented his patented technology solutions to various agencies including the DHS, FDNY, the NYNJ Port Authority, California Homeland Security, NAVSEA, AIFC and the Pentagon.


Recognized as a leading innovator in egress management, Firehouse.com featured Bruce in New Technology for Firefighter Accountability and Safety, authored by Chief Charles Werner. He has previously authored Door 101 & Beyond, an advanced egress barrier management paper for ASHE. Bruce’s philosophy is both real-world and practical. His goal is to shift the outdated paradigm of compliance avoidance and share the benefits of the TCO approach. Overall Bruce Schmutter is determined to affect life safety on a national and global basis.

Please arrive prior to 5 p.m. to Sign In.


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Our Annual Vendor Expo and Educational Seminar were a huge success.

Thank you to all who participated! We look forward to seeing you throughout the year at all of our

events in 2020!



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